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ERP Software for small business in India

After spending 12 years of my life in FMCG management, I have had enough of corporate slavery. I decided to call it a quit and start my own entrepreneurial venture. I believed that working twelve years in a hierarchy had made me enough resilient so as to face any challenge that might come my way. Armed with this confidence, skills, expertise, money and a few investors, I embarked on my journey.

My business plan included opening a departmental store on my family land. I had this credence that my stay in the FMCG sector has made me capable enough to run my own business. I was wrong. I was totally oblivious to the challenges faced by an entrepreneur. In fact, the first few months were an eye-opener. Even though my venture could be classified as a small business, the problems it was facing were huge. As it is, we were running on a shoestring budget with manual labour and these problems worsened the situation. It kind of broke the morale of a budding entrepreneur in me. I was close to giving up but I refused to go down without a fight.

With research and counselling, I came to know that Cloud ERP can potentially solve the problems of my small business. It was confirmed from multiple sources that it was best in the interest of my business if I get ERP Software for small business in India. I listened to everyone’s advice and my gut instincts. Turned out it was the best decision I had taken in a long time.

A cloud ERP is an enterprise resource planning software which integrates all the operations of the business. The cloud storage enables real time data access and this makes the running the business hassle-free. In my quest to find Best Cloud ERP for Small Business in India, I stumbled upon EXPAND ERP. After initial discussions, I decided to go in with Expand ERP as my ERP vendor and the experience thus far has been very positive.

People at EXPAND ERP listened to my problems at length and then suggested customized software for me which was well suited to the needs of my business. Expand ERP is one of the very few providers who have their own mobile phone application.

For a business which heavily relied on the manual workforce, cloud ERP gave it the first taste of automation. Inventory, bill-generation, accounts, etc became brisk and automated. Real time data access allowed me to plan in advance and be prepared for a crisis. The business operations became streamlined, right from purchase to sales. Data analysis also allowed me to study trends in demands across various categories of goods.

There was a considerable reduction in wastage as I knew my inventory in and out. I could also have a peek into customer behaviour by studying the ERP data. All of this resulted in greater profits for my business. I planned on using this extra money judiciously and locked it a recurring deposit account.

Last month I bought a new piece of land in order to start my second departmental store. If God wills and my health permits, I would love to open a chain of such stores. None of this would have been possible without Cloud ERP. One good decision can go a long way in changing one’s life. I wish you good luck.